guidance from the magical unicorns – KATE CAMP / تعويذة – كيت كامب

ترجمة وصوت أحمد قطليش

Receive pure love and guidance from the magical unicorns!

Something about this world makes me
idiotic – its buses driving past
the way it is built up, not just forwards.

I know I have become a fool
because people no longer understand me.¬
What was that? they say, and, Sorry?

I buy clothes, because I look like a sailor.
I buy books, because I am alone in airports.
I buy a blanket, because I miss my childhood, my mother,
colour, a weight on top of me, I want things to be heavy
not light, so light I wear a mask to bed, must I disguise
myself even in sleep? Must I wake costumed
as the Lone fucking Ranger?

The blanket is made from unraveled jerseys.
I heft its weight from the carousel
take it home, or at least, to the place where I live.

In the morning, woken by rain and storm
I think of a small friend of mine, a mile from here,
is he warm enough?