?What is Tiklam

Tiklam is an electronic platform that works to publish literature through voice recordings of literature excerpts in the Arabic Language. Our goal is to introduce Arab listeners to broader Arabic and .international literary experiments with poetry, narrative prose, and plays. We try to highlight different times, literary trends and schools
In the belief that the voice has the ability to bridge gaps between writers and readers, we try to promote the work of writers we believe should be more widely known. and try to create a sense of familiarity that allows the reader to research extensively and delve further into the work of writers who grab their interest or
We work with professional high-quality recordings, preserving the spirit of the text and the personal style of the writer. We aspire to bring the listener closer to the texts without attempting to alter or simplify them.

Tiklam by numbers:

During the past three years, we have been able to reach more than 7 million listenings with 30 thousand followers from all around the globe. We have almost 400 recorded passages from a combination of Arab and international literature and our listening rate is approaching 5,000 clicks per day.
With the spread of these recordings among young people, we have been able to work on multiple projects related to the platform, such as collaborating with several websites to record literary and journalistic texts.  In addition, we contributed to the supervision of a range of projects of voice poetry and production for several institutions in Jordan and the Arab Gulf. We also produced, through a grant from Ettijahat Independent Culture, a paper and audiobook for a selection of Syrian poetry abroad after the revolution.

Our goals for Tiklam:

  • To be a link between international literature and those readers who seek names and experiences they do not know, without the tutelage or directives of ideologies, policies, parties, art schools, etc.
  • To provide a serious platform for Arab writers by highlighting new literary experiments and offering reach to a wide audience, while attempting to develop a program for engaging in serious discussions about writing.
  • To allow access to the largest possible selection of global literature translated and presented to the reader.
  • To present translations of modern literature, especially in the field of poetry where there is a distinct lack of translations for modern poetry.
  • To help young people who want to write by creating a space to discuss issues and raise awareness about writing including its concepts, methods, schools and development and specifically touching on the experiences and views of contemporary writers and founders in writing.

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